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Interactive Flat Panel Smart Whiteboard is one new multimedia device integrated imaging , Audio, Video, and OPS PC technology all in one device. Upgraded based on Interactive smart board. It’s been welcomed and widely used in schools, training center, business video conference, office meeting etc. 


Digital signage DOOH screen with CMS software, Full HD 1080p or 4K resolution picture video display, 3D, product configuration, data collection, systems integration etc. For trade shows, training, shopping malls, libraries, way finding, hotels, reception etc Easy use plug and Play Content, OR Using USB Ports OR Personal Cloud Storage Account. from different places content management control.

Education Smart Board
Smart Whiteboard

Education interactive Flat Panel

Creat an intelligent, healthy learning, vivid environment for kids students.

MaceTouch Smart Blackboard

Smart Education Intelligent Teaching

MaceTouch Interactive Smart Blackboard intergrates multi-touch screen and traditional blackboard in one. Dual OS and Capacitive touch technology creats convenient and functional teaching teaching situation for modern eucation.

Multi-touch Multi-person interaction. It supports 10-point touch, which allows multiple people to write easily on the screen. Chalk can be used to write on both sides of the blackboard, which meets the needs of many aspects in the classroom and vividly demonstrates the teaching effect.
Ultra-clear screen, anti-glare eye protection.
4K ultra-high-definition resolution, AG anti-glare tempered glass, effective anti-glare, low reflection, blue light reduction, scientific eye protection.

Focus on details, focus on teaching.
The honeycomb panels on both sides of the blackboard can be flexibly disassembled, and the later maintenance is convenient, quick and worry-free. There are no sharp angles around the blackboard, and the safety is higher. Tempered glass structure, anti-impact, anti-splash.

The cloud CMS commercial digital signage DOOH wall-mounted advertising screen provides long working time of 24*7 . With rich and colorful colorsand tis clear and smooth playback.
Horizontal & vertical screen can be switched accordingly  3840×2160 OR 2160X3840, 1080*1920.

Smart split-screen playback, play pictures&videos at the same time.

Size:10.1/13.3/15.6/18.5/21.5/23.6/27/32/43/49/55/65/75/85/86/98/100/110 inch options.

Touch: Infrared or capacitive 10 ponits multi touch screen

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