Android Eduaction Interactive Flat Panel

Size: 55/65/75/85/86/98/100/110 inch
System: Android8.0/Android9.0/Android11 OR OPS PC computer together.
Accessories: Standard: Power cable; WIFI antenna; Pen; Wall mount bracket; Remote control. (Option: OPS Computer, Mobile floor stand, Computer wireless dongle share, Smart pen, Pointer, Document Camera, 3D Printer etc.)

Interactive Flat Panel Smart Whiteboard Touch Screen is one of new multimedia devices integrated imaging , Audio, Video, Interaction, Animation and PC technology all in one device.
Upgraded based on Interactive smart board,it simplifies connection and installation works.
It’s been welcomed and widely used in schools, training center, video conference, office meeting etc.
We Provide pen/hand writing software.
Standard Accessories: power cable, touch pen, remote control, WIFI antenna, wall mount bracket. (option: pluggable OPS PC, mobile stand, Computer wireless dongle share, pointer)
Warranty: 1 year. Certificates: CE ROHS.

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